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Tips Bloemencorso Bollenstreek
Tips Flower Parade Holland

The Flower Parade Holland is the biggest spring event in the Netherlands. Every spring, the parade attracts around 1 million visitors. Read our information and tips for visiting this flower festival in Holland below.

When is the Flower Parade Bollenstreek?

The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is the highlight of spring. The parade always runs in the month of April. The Bloemencorso always starts with the construction days on the Wednesday preceding the parade. Until Friday morning, hundreds of volunteers are hard at work making the most beautiful floats. On Friday evening, it is then time for the Light Flower Parade. On Saturday, the highlight of the Flower Parade is the 42-kilometre parade and on Sunday, you can enjoy the floats once more in the heart of flower city Haarlem during the Flower Parade EXPO. At 5pm, it’s time to wave the floats off again.

The dates for the Flower Parade Holland are for the following years:

YearConstruction daysLight Flower ParadeFlower ParadeHaarlem Expo
202417 to 19 April19 April20 April21 April
20259 to 11 April11 April12 April13 April
202615 to 17 April17 April18 April19 April
202714 to 16 April16 April17 April18 April

What flowers are used for the Flower Parade Bollenstreek?

The Flower Parade Bollenstreek is the only parade made of spring flowers. At the Flower Parade Bollenstreek, the most important flower is the hyacinth. These flowers form the basis of the floats. The hyacinths also provide the lovely spring scents that come with the Flower Parade. The floats are further decorated with tulips and daffodils.

What are the designs of the parade floats in 2024?

The Flower Parade Bollenstreek in 2024 does not have an overarching theme. This gives all design teams complete freedom in designing the floats. This resulted in a beautifully varied Flower Parade. Below are the designs for the 2024 floats.

What is the route of the Flower Parade Bollenstreek?

The Flower Parade has the same route of about 42 kilometres every year. On Friday evening, the parade passes through the pleasant village of Noordwijkerhout. The route on Saturday starts in the seaside resort of Noordwijk. The parade then travels to Voorhout, Sassenheim, Lisse, Hillegom, Heemstede and Haarlem.

How much does a ticket for the Flower Parade Bollenstreek cost?

The Flower Parade Bollenstreek is free to watch. You can find your own spot along the 42-kilometre route. If you want to enjoy the Flower Parade while seated and have access to toilet facilities and catering, there are a number of covered stands where you can watch the parade. Toilets are available at the stands and you can get a snack and a drink. There are also several Flower Parade tours available from Amsterdam.

Please note! The grandstands are popular and sell out quickly every spring. Reserve your grandstand place on time. The following tours & stands are available:

The Flower Parade tours below depart from Amsterdam (at the ADAM Tower behind Amsterdam Central Station)

Flower parade tours from AmsterdamDatePrice
Flower Parade Making off tour + Keukenhof18 April€ 89.50Book now
Lights Flower Parade in Noordwijkerhout + Keukenhof19 April€ 92.50Book now
Shuttle bus + Keukenhof ticket + Flower parade stands20 april€ 42.50Book now
Flower parade stand, lunch box and visit tulip show garden20 April€ 139.50Sold out
Flower parade stand, lunch box and Keukenhof visit20 April€ 139.50Sold out
Flower parade EXPO Haarlem and Keukenhof21 April€ 94.50Book now

Flower parade stands below are without transport

Location of stand +timePrice
Noordwijkerhout – Friday night 19 April – 9.30 pm
(during illuminated Flower Parade)
€ 27.95Book now
Noordwijk – 9.00 am
(along the beach of Noordwijk)
€ 27.95Book now
Hillegom – 5.10 pm
(accessible by public transport)
€ 27.95Book now
Voorhout – 11.10 am
(accessible by public transport)
€ 27.95SOLD OUT
Lisse – 3.05 pm
(close to city centre & Keukenhof)
€ 39.95SOLD OUT
Lisse south – 2.30 pm
(near the tulip fields)
€ 37.95SOLD OUT
Heemstede – 8:30 p.m.
(illuminated Flower Parade)
€ 27.95Book now
Keukenhof ticket + Flower parade
You can pick your own spot along the route (no stands)
€ 20.00SOLD OUT

Cycle routes & sightseeing during the Flower Parade

The days surrounding the Flower Parade are popular days every year. This is because of the Flower Parade itself, of course, but certainly also because during the Flower Parade the tulip fields are in bloom. It is therefore ideal to do a cycling tour or sightseeing tour during these days. There are also exclusive sightseeing tours during the Flower Parade. When booking a grandstand spot, for instance, you can add exclusive walks and tours. Helicopter tours are also available on Saturday and Sunday during the corso weekend.

Travel advice for visiting the Flower Parade

If you want to visit the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, it is wise to think about how you will travel to the Bollenstreek. The travel advice depends on the location where you want to watch the Flower Parade. For the most popular locations, we have listed the travel advice below.

Keukenhof Flower Park

One of the most popular locations to watch the flower parade is Keukenhof flower park in Lisse. The flower parade passes by here in the afternoon and many people combine watching the flower parade with a visit to Europe’s spring park. Keukenhof has a large car park where you can park all day for just € 10.00. Special Keukenhof buses also run from RAI Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Haarlem Station and Leiden Station.

Flower City Haarlem

The flower parade ends in Haarlem city centre on Saturday. On Sunday, the floats can be seen all day in Haarlem. Haarlem is easily accessible by car and public transport. Tip! The flower parade weekend is a perfect weekend for a weekend in Haarlem.

What activities are there to do around the Flower Parade Holland?

Hotel tips along the Flower Parade route

More and more activities are organised around the Flower Parade. The tulip fields also bloom during the period, Keukenhof flower park is open and several show gardens can be visited. Many people therefore come to enjoy the flowers longer and book a weekend or short holiday in the Bollenstreek.