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The flower season in Holland is, of course, spring. Millions of people from all over the world visit the blossoming tulip fields and Keukenhof flower park to marvel at the splendour of the colours of the tulips and flowers such as the hyacinth and the daffodil. But when exactly do the tulips bloom and where do you find the most beautiful tulip fields? Read all about it in this blog.

When do the tulip fields bloom?

The first (early) tulip fields start flowering around the beginning of April but the peak flowering time when most tulip fields are in bloom is usually between mid-April and early May. Besides the tulip fields, other bulb fields are also in bloom in spring. Below we have listed the expected flowering period for each flower type. Please note! The flowering of the bulb fields depends on the weather and can therefore differ from the list below. Follow our Flower Alert for updates on when the bulb fields will be in bloom.

Type of flowersExpected flowering period
Crocus fieldsmid March to beginning of April
Daffodil fieldsmid March to mid April
Hyacinth fieldsend of March to end of April
Tulip fieldsbeginning of April to beginning of May

In summer, too, there are blooming flowers to admire in the Bollenstreek. See here when the summer gardens are in bloom.

Where do the tulip fields bloom?

The well-known Tulips from Amsterdam song gives the wrong impression. Tulips do not bloom in Amsterdam, but in the countryside just outside Amsterdam. About 30 kilometres south of the city centre are the most beautiful tulip fields and flower attractions in the Bollenstreek (bulb region).

How long do the tulip fields bloom?

The flowering period of tulips lasts about 2 to 4 weeks. This means that the flowers are in bloom for about that time. There are ‘early’ tulips that bloom at the beginning of April and ‘late’ tulips that only start blooming at the end of April. The production tulip fields are ‘harvested’ at the beginning of May, which shortens the flowering time. The tulips at the show gardens and Keukenhof flower park are not headed and therefore flower until mid-May.

Why and when are the tulip fields ‘headed’?

From the beginning of May, the tulip fields are ‘headed’. The tulip grower removes the flower from the stem. As a result, the bright colours slowly disappear from the tulip fields. The tulip grower does this to allow the flower to put its energy back into the bulb so that the bulb grows bigger and is of better quality. It often takes one or two weeks before all the tulip fields have been ‘tapped’. In the show gardens and at Keukenhof flower park, the tulips are not headed and you can enjoy flowering tulips until mid-May.

What other flowers bloom in spring?

In addition to tulips, crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths bloom in the bulb fields in spring. This gives the landscape its unique colour palette: purple crocuses, yellow and white daffodils, the pastel shades of the hyacinths and the bright colours of the tulips. The hyacinths also give off a wonderful spring fragrance.

How to visit the tulip fields?

The tulip fields are easy to reach from many Dutch cities. From Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and The Hague, it is only a 30-minute drive to the tulip fields. There are also special shuttle buses from various train stations in the Netherlands to Keukenhof flower park and the tulip fields. This makes the tulip fields easy to reach by public transport as well. From Keukenhof flower park it is easy to start one of the cycle routes along the tulip fields.

Which cycle routes pass the tulip fields?

During the blooming period, there are several cycle routes along the tulip fields. All cycle routes pass by Keukenhof flower park.

Many Hop on Hop off locations can be found along the cycle routes. Stop, for example, at a flower bulb nursery and/or a show garden and take the most beautiful photos and videos.

Can you just walk into a tulip field for a photo?

No, the tulip fields are production fields of the tulip bulb growers and trespassing can cause a lot of damage to the farmers. You may, of course, take photos from the edges of the tulip fields but not inside them. If you want to take photos between the tulips, you can do so at flower attractions such as Keukenhof flower park, Tulip Experience Amsterdam, Tulip farm De Tulperij, TulipStore.eu’s tulip show garden and The Tulip Barn’s selfie tulip garden.

Which tulip growers can I visit?

During the tulip bloom period in the Netherlands, there are a number of tulip farms where you can take great tulip photos and videos. You can also learn more about tulip cultivation. With a bicycle route or sightseeing tour, you can easily stop at the locations you want. Check out the Hop on Hop off locations to see where you can stop.