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Cycling a cycle route in the Bollenstreek is very easy with the Bollenstreek cycle junction network. There are junctions throughout the region, each with its own number. By following the numbers, you can easily cycle a route. So you can cycle one of our cycling routes or create your own route along the locations you want to visit.

What is the cycle junction network?

The cycle junction network operates in a large part of the Netherlands. The network consists of nodes with numbers. From each junction, signs point to the adjacent junction numbers. So you can cycle a route by following the numbers.

Which cycle routes work with the junction network

We have created junction routes for all our cycling routes.

Cycle route nameNumber of kilometres
Dutch Flower Route35
Tulip route15
Blue Keukenhof route5
Purple Keukenhof route10
Green Keukenhof route15
Red Keukenhof route25